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The Trikno Depositing Experts (TDE) training and knowledge platform starts

Trikno Depositing Experts – Transforming Chocolate

Introduction of our new training and information platform

The new platform “Trikno Depositing Experts” (TDE) marks the beginning of a new era. It is our commitment to promoting excellence in the art of chocolate depositing through ducation and training. From hands-on training to relevant, easily accessible social media nformation, the TDE contents and offerings aim to equip professionals with the knowledge and training opportunities to push the boundaries of their chocolate innovations.

"Transforming Chocolate"

The platform’s motto "Transforming Chocolate" describes our objective: Together with the world's finest chocolate experts, we, as chocolate-loving professionals, like to inspire, and help to make the world of chocolate-making run more precisely, smoothly and efficiently.

Our offer

Our One-Shot basic training, in collaboration with Barry Callebaut, is our first offering for the start of our Trikno Depositing Experts platform.

To discover the details of the One-Shot Basic Training, we invite you to read our detailed PDF document. This informative document is designed to be shared with your valued operators and anyone who shares our – and their – passion for chocolate.

Let's go on this transformational journey together, where expertise meets passion and your most creative chocolate dreams come true. 

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