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Trikno – The Swiss manufacturer of Knobel® machines

We supply our machine to confectionery manufacturers around the world.

Knobel by TRIKNO.

We are the Swiss experts for the highest quality chocolate machines and confectionery machines on the market: starting from small depositors to support artisan production up to complete production lines for the largest chocolate manufacturers worldwide.

Our mission: Together we make the most luxurious and creative dreams of confectionery designers come true.

We offer the right product for every application

Field of expertise

Only with Trikno


Our unique process for various chocolates, chocolate bars, hollow figures, semi-finished products in blisters, chocolates with wafers or biscuits.


For extremely detailed fine work


Detailed design of hollow figures, chocolates, chocolate bars or lollies. Highly accurate filling and shaping of cakes, sponge cakes and pastries.


For large ingredients

Nuts & Fruits

Our technology for the reliable processing of masses with large-sized contents, such as whole nuts and almonds, dried fruit, rice crispies or marshmallows.


Efficiency from a single deposit


The efficient and repeatable simultaneous moulding of shell and filling in one operation for chocolates, bars and tablets.


For small pieces of art

Free Dressing

For direct casting without a mould on a cooling belt for products with an artistic, ­high-quality and creative look, limited only by your imagination.


For macarons and co.


For precise and flexible production of sandwich products entirely according to your requirements and wishes.


Moulding machine OMEGA – quickly available – ready for delivery within 4 weeks

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Modular principle

Molding machines made by trikno

We specialize in the design and manufacture of molding equipment for the confectionery industry. This allows various processes to be combined as desired to expand your product variety.

Performance expansion or concept changes possible at any time
Our modular system offers you many possibilities: the machines can produce different end products and they can be easily integrated, combined or even expanded by "plug-and-play". All machines are intelligent units and are interconnected in a network. New machines can thus be easily integrated into the system.

The production machines can be designed for one of the following specific processes:

The transport system moves the molds freely through the plant on a continuous belt. This allows a plant to be built up step by step.

Our mold machines are defined by three building steps, which describe the degree of automation of the machine in question:

Step 1: Molding machine, vibrating table and cooling spiral to enter the production equipment
Step 2: Additional return belt and heating of the molds to enable a continuous production run
Step 3: Additional automatic forming station to enable fully automated production.

Our machines can be integrated into existing third-party lines, on a oven band or in a coating line, regardless of the age of the existing line.